Yields: One bottle (750ml)

Preparation time: 10'


  • Blender or spice grinder
  • Funnel


  • 5g of pure licorice
  • 200ml of pure (96%+) alcohol
  • 10/20 anis seeds
  • 550ml Water


  • Grind the licorice with the anis seeds as fine as possible
  • Open the grinder and pour in a bit of the water, then close it and shake a bit to make the licorice dust settle
  • With the help of a funnel pour the liquid obtained in the bottle
  • Pour the alcohol in the grinder, shake again (DO NOT GRIND), and pour it in the bottle together with the water
  • Add more water until you reach a total of 750ml
  • Give it a good shake and put in the refrigerator.
  • Always shake it before serving.

Category: Drink

Origin: Rob

Tags: Licorice